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Our vision

Create a sustainable future by leveraging technology and passion in the way we build and manage property with the user in the centre

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We build spaces ideal for humans

The spaces we interact with define significant parts of our lives. We believe this is a great responsibility and a great opportunity. Our philosophy has always been that our main focus should be on the users, not tenants. If the users are satisfied, the tenants are satisfied. Happy employees create happy owners that lead to long term relationships. This philosophy has earned us the most satisfied users and tenants in Norway 5 years in a row and is at the core of our success.

As we continue to experience the value of people-centered development, we continue to become more ambitious. We increasingly challenge ourselves to think differently about our role as developers. We shape the environments people live in, and we need to think beyond bricks and mortar. A building is not an isolated entity but a part of the community. This is just as true for commercial real estate as it is for housing. By focusing on the bigger picture and the people in it, we are convinced that we can create lasting value in our industry and for future generations.

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Environmental pioneers

R8 Property is a certified Environmental Lighthouse and work actively to reduce the companies', and tenats' carbon footprint.

Universal building management

To ensure the best experiences R8 Property has its own management company who handles the entire portfolio and all tenants.

Introducing housing projects

A community is defined by where we live, where we work and where we go. With R8 Home we can now develop flourishing communities.


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