Powerhouse Telemark won Porsgrunn municipality’s Building Practice Award 2020

Powerhouse Telemark, one of the world’s most energy efficient buildings, has been assigned this year’s Building Practice Award of Porsgrunn municipality. The award was presented to R8 Property’s CEO/Founder, Emil Eriksrød, by mayor Robin Kåss via a speech filmed in advance.

Anders Rambekk (leader of the committee for children, young people and culture) surprised Eriksrød by knocking on the door in a meeting:

Porsgrunn municipality’s justification

“Creating a city is a continuous process; constantly evolving and changing with the times we live in.

This year's Building Practice Award goes to a business who is innovative, conscious of the environment, and brave.
Environmentally friendly material choices and innovative form describe the building, which the committee emphasizes in its justification.

Dare to think new, break patterns and think beyond just functionality is commendable.
By connecting Porsgrunn's center with the silhouette of Herøya's industry, the building has helped to bind the city together. At the same time, they have managed to capture Kulltangenbrua's movement, and to connect it with the nearby nature, which the committee sees as aesthetically satisfactory.

The environmental aspect is very well taken care of with e.g. solar cells in the facade and on the roof, which means that the building produces more energy than it uses, and is defined as a smart building.

CNN named the building one of the ten most exciting buildings to open in 2020. In the world.

This year's winner is a distinctive building that demands its place and takes it. The building shows the way to the future with its shape and resilience.

The Building Practice Award 2020 goes to:

Powerhouse Telemark, in Dokkvegen 11, by the owners R8 Property”

About the Building Practice Award

The purpose of the Building Practice Award is to stimulate good building practice and a good visual environment based on historical and aesthetic values.

The Building Practice Award can be given to individuals, companies, firms or organizations that own or manage individual houses or facilities that have been repaired or systematically maintained with respect for uniqueness and environmental value.

Good adaptation of new buildings to existing building environment and surroundings, or new buildings that renew and develop well building tradition, can also be taken into account.

The prize committee this election period consists of:
Kjersti Eilertsen Myro (Chair) Committee for Planning and Environment
Ole-Kåre Wagenius (Deputy Chairman), Committee for Environment and Urban Development
Lars-Petter Ose, Porsgrunn Historielag
Tore Nybø, Brevik Historielag
Tor Arild Danielsen, Telemark Architects' Association

Former Winners

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2000 Housing Storgt. 167 - Ann Christin Ranvig.
2001 Apartment block i Deichmannsgt. 121, 123, 125 og 127 – Flåtten borettslag.
2002 Housing Olavsgate 16 – Gun Vik og Per Furuvald.
2003 Annex Havnegt. 4 i Brevik - Anna Lise Førli og Tore Simonsen.
2004 Shed i Tollbugt. 11 – Dagfinn Mogstad.
2005 Annex, Brugt. 3 - Eva Heiberg-Larsen.
2006 Housing and shed, Storgt. 191 – Finn Christiansen.
2007 Skolegt. 31 v/ Anne Karin og Anders Botnen.
2008 Bjørnhullv. 8 v/ Astrid Borchgrevink-Lund og Terje Olsen
2009 Jernbanegata 6 v/Tor Johannessen
2010 Award not distributed.
2011 Award not distributed.
2012 Elvegården, Støperibakken 10 & 12 v/Alfa Eiendom
2013 DuVerden, Sjøfartsmuseet
2014 Housing, Helleberggata 7
2015 Huskrull housing, Brønnløkkavegen
2016 Jønholt terrasse 18 v/Haakanes
2017 Award not distributed
2018 Blekebakkvegen 41/43-generation housing: Edle Eidbo Hansen, Martin Henrik Rydning, Hanne Rydning og Per Henrik Rydning
2019 Vetle Mules veg 52