R8 Property has the most satisfied tenants

For the 6th year in a row, R8 Property has won the Norwegian Tenant Index as the most preferred landlord among tenants.

The competition was stronger than ever this year, with the highest participation ever, and with close race among the top 3. R8 Property got 88 points out of 100, which is one more point than the runners up

CEO Emil Eriksrød was humble and grateful when Nemeet’s CEO Morten Olaisen visited Powerhouse Telemark bringing flowers and congratulations. 

“We are very proud of this award, and we promise that we will do our very best to meet our tenants’ expectations also in the year to come. We will continue to make everyday life better and more seamless for both tenants and users, by using new technology and new solutions. Soon, we will launch Orbit, which will optimize the use of premises. I look forward to telling more about this innovative and exciting concept,” says Emil Eriksrød.