The new working day

The autumn passed quickly. It's November already, and Christmas preparations are fast approaching. In other words, we’ll soon be ending a year characterized by the pandemic, with all its challenges and possibilities - including the possibility of a more flexible working day.

Now, we've launched the Q3 report. This has been a good quarter characterized by several new (and extended) leases, for example an extended lease with Comfort Hotel Porsgrunn, and a letter of intent with Comfort Hotel Skien Brygge.

At the end of November, Polymer Exploration Centre will be finished, and in early January, Norner will have the pleasure of moving into this modern, global research and technology center.

Finally, we can enjoy each other's company in Powerhouse Telemark. Our CHO, Elin Tufte Johansen, was in charge of the interior process, together with the senior interior architect in Snøhetta. This process has been thoroughly described in the international Frame Magazine.

R8 Hybrid - the perfect combination

The pandemic accelerated the employees’ need for more flexibility and efficiency. We discovered this trend early on, and established Orbit and enhanced Evolve, before the pandemic existed. Flexibility and less commute are more important than ever for both climate, employees and employers.

Orbit offers a growing network of flexible office and meeting places, and has recently entered an agreement with OBOS Nærkontor, as well as establishing a subsidiary in the USA. I’m incredibly excited about their journey so far, and look forward to their further expansion.

Evolve offers Norway’s most flexible office solutions, with more than 25 locations from the eastern city of Fredrikstad, to the southwestern city of Stavanger. The company has i.a. two brand new, delicate floors in Powerhouse Telemark, which means that everyone can become a tenant in one of the world’s most energy efficient and sustainable buildings in the world - no matter if you work by yourself or in a big company.

R8 Property’s portfolio, in combination with Orbit and Evolve, gives us the opportunity to offer our tenants an exceptionally good deal: R8 Hybrid.
24SevenOffice has chosen this concept when establishing their 24SevenHouse in Inkognito Park in Oslo next summer.

Slottsfjell Park - the world’s most sustainable commercial quarter?

Our industry is responsible for almost 40% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. This is one of the reasons why we developed Powerhouse Telemark, and why we’ve recently launched Powerhouse Tønsberg, as a part of Slottsfjell Park in Tønsberg.

Together with Snøhetta, we’ve made a feasibility study for Slottsfjell Park: A combination of refurbished buildings and a brand new Powerhouse. This will be the world’s first Paris Proof commercial quarter, completely in line with the Paris Agreement.

Please do contact us if you have any questions, or if you’d like to have a cup of coffee. We look forward to hearing from you!

Emil Eriksrød