Elin Tufte Johansen

Chief Human Officer

Elin Tufte Johansen (b. 1970) is Chief Human Officer (CHO) of R8 Property, and has had a central role in the leadership team since she started in 2017.

Through her 20 years of experience within organizational development from work and studies, she has developed cutting-edge expertise within this segment, changing processes and leadership.

Through her role as CHO, she’s in charge of R8 Property’s human capita. She’s dedicated to creating a value-based culture throughout the whole organization, across all divisions.

Elin Tufte Johansen has a central role in the development and implementation of the organization’s strategy. She’s a mandatory member of the organization’s C-level and all other leadership teams.

Her education and experience is within leadership, psychology and coaching, and she has a Master of Management degree from Handelshøyskolen BI.

In addition to being a board member in R8 Property since October 2020, she’s also a board member of NHO Vestfold and Telemark.