Emil Eriksrød (b. 1983) founded R8 in 2010, with a business idea of developing buildings where people would love to work. His idea was that satisfied employees generates satisfied owners, which again results in longterm tenant lease. For the 6th time in a row, R8 Property won the Norwegian Tenant Index in 2020, which is a concrete evidence that his business idea has become reality.

Emil Eriksrød is CEO of R8 Property, as well as Chair and board member of various subsidiaries, including the proptech startup Orbit Technology.

Emil has a Master in Accounting from the Norwegian School of Economics, as well as experience as Auditor in EY and CFO in the real estate group Hathon Holding. 

Emil Eriksrød is specialized within investment, development and management of commercial property. He also has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, a career he started in parallel with the studies.