Wasim Rashid

Chief Digital Officer

Wasim Rashid (b. 1971) is Chief Digital Officer in R8 Property, as well as CEO/Founder of the company's technology investment, Orbit Technology.
Wasim is specialized within new business models and technology, and has broad experience with change management in major companies. Before he started in R8 Property he was Division Director of platform economy in DNB.

He was also in charge of Telia Company's digitization initiative, and a crucial part of their technology platform development within IOT (Internet of Things). At the same company he was responsible for the establishment of a new business area regarding capitalization of insight data. This business area was established in cooperation with the Norwegian start-up company Unacast, where he was also a board member.

Before Telia, Wasim had 19 years of experience from Schibsted, where he played different roles attached to change management and technology, including development of their login solution SPiD.

Wasim Rashid is board member of UNICEF.