Skien Brygge

Skien Brygge will be a varied and diverse city within the city.

Skien Brygge will be an arena for experiences and activity, togetherness and fun. We want to create an inviting place where you'll feel included, welcome and valuable. This is a place where you will feel you belong. A city consists of people; we want people to thrive, and to love this place so much that you want to come back. Over and over again.

City life is different for everyone. Therefore, the area must be attractive for different use, for different people, at different times of the day and at different seasons. This is what we aim to achieve with Skien Brygge.

Skien Brygge will be west-facing and sunny by the river. The zoning plan defines the area as a city center area with housing, business, hotel, trade and culture. The plan was unanimously approved by Skien City Council in December 2016, and the development agreement for the first phase was approved in December 2019.