Bedriftsveien 52-58

Bedriftsveien 52-58 is a two-storey commercial building located on Kjørbekk; an industrial area midway between Porsgrunn and Skien center.

Kjørbekk is a growing area and more retail is expected here in the future. The nearest grocery store is just a short walk away. Other companies in the immediate vicinity include Elkjøp, Jula, Skeidar, Møbelgården, Mobile, Staples, Fagflis m.fl.

The ground floor of Bedrfiftsveien 52-58 is rented by Fretex and the building is popularly known as the Fretex building. The floor is adapted for their business with a larger sales area and warehouse. In 2013, the property's facade was upgraded, and the second floor was completely renovated and adapted to the needs of new tenants. The second floor consists of modern office space where each tenant has their own kitchen, dining area, and foyer.

The property is closely located to public transport with only a 2 minute walk to the nearest bus stop. The estimated driving time to the center of Skien is about 6 minutes and about 8 minutes to Porsgrunn center.