Powerhouse Telemark

Powerhouse Telemark is one of the world's most spectacular and energy-efficient buildings, designed by internationally renowned Snøhetta. The building was completed in August 2020.

Together with the Powerhouse collaboration, consisting of the architectural firm Snøhetta, the environmental foundation Zero, Entra Eiendom, the construction company Skanska and the consulting company Asplan Viak, R8 Property has built Powerhouse Telemark; a world-class sustainable building that is BREEAM-NOR Excellent-certified.

The 8403 square meters are spread over 11 unique floors. The spectacular building is characterized by different angles on the facade and that no floors are the same either outside or inside. Large parts of the outsides are covered with solar panels, including the bicycle parking and carport.

On the ground floor, guests are welcomed in a beautiful barception. On the same floor, tenants can take advantage of a large fitness room with a shower and changing rooms. As you approach the top of the building, specifically on the 9th floor, you will find the staff restaurant offering fresh and short-distance food.

At the 10th floor, the meeting room centre offers both a conference room for 50 people, a board room and two meeting rooms.

Not to forget, the roof terrace on the 11th floor, with a beautiful view of the river and Porsgrunn.

Powerhouse Telemark has got a lot of attention both domestic and abroad, and CNN elected this iconic building to be one of the 10 most anticipated buildings to shape the world in 2020.

Photo: Ivar Kvaal
Photo: Ivar Kvaal

You also have access to the meeting room center on the 10th floor, which offers both a conference room for 70 people and several meeting rooms, including a suitable room for board meetings. On the 11th floor, you will find the roof terrace on top of the building with a fantastic view of the river and large parts of Porsgrunn. With its central location at the foot of Frednesbrua, the spectacular building is visible for commuters on the E18 towards Grenland and Porsgrunn and everyone who ascends the river towards the Telemark Canal.

The property is close to public transport, with only a few minutes' walk to the bus stop. Travel time by train to Tønsberg will take 49 minutes during rush hour. It takes 40 minutes to drive to Torp Airport, where there are departures to most major cities in Norway.