Work anywhere

A large number of office spaces remains unused during a normal working day. With R8_Hybrid, the tenant does not pay for more fixed rent than you actually need - and instead has full flexibility: Access to extra office space, meeting rooms, specially adapted rooms and conference rooms. When and where the need may arise!

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With R8_Hybrid, you freely decide whether or not you want to work from you head quarter, or nearly anywhere else in Eastern Norway - at a total of 26 locations including Stavanger. Thus, providing everyone with the best possible working conditions, the flexibility and resources that R8_Hybrid entails. Also, an attractive value proposition when recruiting new talent.

  • 01
    Booking through app
  • 02
    Access through smartphone
  • 03
    Free access to meeting and special facilities
  • 04
    High standard & Central locations

26 locations

R8_Hybrid is offered in collaboration with Evolve and Orbit

Price pr. person

  • 1-25 people
    990,- pr. month
  • 25-50 people
    790,- pr. month
  • Over 50
    490,- pr. month

The prices are invoiced along with ordinary rent. In addition, you can get access to Orbit's entire network for a supplement of 849, - pr. month. (Invoiced directly from Orbit)